Full Moon in Leo: the improv actor & the prompt

I’m going to be speaking of drama, not for the sake of sensationalism, but symbolism.

Full Moons are emotionally compelling & inherently dramatic events, as we have a peak moment of brightness, a full illumination of the Moon via the Sun, happening across two opposite archetypes. It’s a flashpoint, a reveal. And this one happens in a sign that has a penchant for theater and drama, but if we consider it holistically, the “theater” is our life and our consciousness is a script that informs it. (Not *the* script because we are part of an ecosystem of other influences, too. But a deeply significant script, that has a central influence for each individual.)

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities and astrology reading bookings, sign up for my mailing list here.

Aquarius & Leo

Aquarius holds a strong intellectual/cerebral charge and can relate to analyzing our experiences at a distance, like we are a spectator of ourselves. This is also witness consciousness. A certain degree of witness consciousness allows us to gain intelligence about ourselves and our patterns, as opposed to simply being so enmeshed with our patterns without conscious self-awareness.

With the Moon growing into its peak fullness of light in the sign of Leo (illuminated by the Aquarius Sun) we may notice a tension/friction/split in our consciousness around how we are analyzing and witnessing our experience (Aquarius) versus how we are acting within it (Leo).

Some potential themes for this lunation

Disconnection & Coming into Alignment

I love to think about the hero’s journey when it comes to the fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius), as each of the fire signs tend to have a sense of special destiny. In many arcs of the hero’s journey, the hero is seeking something in the external world that has all along belonged inside of them.

However, the start of the journey, the hero is far away from that type of realization. When we feel disconnected in general (from ourselves, from life, from purpose) there is a similar frequency of having a way to go before arriving at that place of self-realization.

Part of what begins the hero’s journey is a certain spark of hearing/feeling the call to adventure. If we look at this through an Aquarian lens, it’s like having that aha-moment, like mortals receiving fire from Prometheus. The adventure begins with the excited state of awareness.

There are two parts to balance – the heightened awareness (Aquarius) and our willingness to play the role (Leo) after we got the download.

Authenticity and Acting

While the higher and more glamorous valence of Aquarius is that space of genius, brilliance, being tapped into our unique higher self blueprint…

Aquarius is also fixed air, which can relate to our mental paradigms as well as our nervous system’s architecture.

It’s magnificent-feeling to be playing in the Leo side of the Aquarius-Leo polarity when the station of consciousness that we are tuned into is our genius, a space of deep freedom and liberation. And actually, that type of joy is so radically intense that we might even find it’s a practice to reach those heights, a practice to warm up to being that open and to be able to hold it.

Hence, we aren’t always there. Have you ever noticed a time where you felt insulted, rejected, ignored, etc. and from that particular consciousness you began to overcompensate and act a certain way?

We might notice leading up to the full moon the places we play a role (Leo) that doesn’t actually feel authentic to us. If this is showing up, it can also be an invitation to slow down and re-align with both our heart (Leo) and the paradigmatic or overarching stories we are telling (Aquarius).

Finding drama or pleasure in the intellect

This full moon in Leo gives me the image of an improv actor who acts out any prompt they are given. Except it’s not an improv actor – it’s our emotional body, and the prompt is the state of our mental analysis.

The Leo Moon, this actor, our emotional body – can’t help but theatrically reflect the codes and programs it’s given. 🎭

This particular lunar sensitivity is prone to drama, but drama is a reflection.

We experience circumstances and situations (I won’t even title them, let’s make them generic) all of the time but we take a spin on them, we make meaning, we exaggerate or highlight certain aspects, we make connections and a logical argument, etc.

That very faculty of consciousness allows us to be dramatic creatures.

Maybe we find ourselves in a moment, however, where it’s becoming more exciting to us to change the scripts, to experiment with some new roles — because however compelling our dramas are, we are ultimately taking part in creating them.

People who work on their mindset or particularly curate their worldview/intellect are also like actors, going through a training that will allow them greater access/range to various emotional states and also greater emotional control.

I’m not advocating here for stuffy emotional control that represses psychic material, but I’m thinking more about the freedom and expressive range allocated to people who can choose to play in different frequencies at will. (It’s a practice to get there, and an ongoing practice to stay there at new levels of initiation.)

The particular kind of genius that can map their own mind, catch their own mental loops and spirals, and create something intentional or inspired instead of taking the mental catastrophe train. Or at least, they take the mental catastrophe train with a dose of humor and self-awareness and let that emotional energy move without fully believing in it. Gaining greater control of the mind doesn’t mean we become full-on robots — a little drama is still part of the unfolding of transformation and alchemy.

And that type of awareness play is the full-on ACTOR on the stage of life becoming self-aware, a witness, at the same time as they live the story.

I speak about this in the abstract, but possibly this is playing out in a dimension of our experience that we are taking very personally or very seriously (and some things are grave or intense) and so it can feel harder to either get some distance or access some creative imagination on the matter, but that might be just the medicine for this lunation. We can tap more deeply into our own situation(s) to feel into how they are reflecting our consciousness, what we are learning from that, and what we envision for our life moving forward.

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with love,

Sabrina Monarch

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