Monarch Forecast: March 14-20, 2016


We have another exact hit of the Jupiter-Pluto trine this week – the last one was on October 11. This week’s is March 16, and we’ll have another June 26 and then not again until 2024. While the Jupiter-Pluto trine is an influence varying in focus this year, the dates of its exactitude are magical for holding it in mind. We want to think about GIFTS and EXTREME ABUNDANCE with these two in harmonious contact – however; Jupiter is also squaring Saturn, and the simultaneous expansion and space clearing that is occurring feels extra dramatic and the drops feel low.

Also keep in mind we are in the Eclipse zone all week! In between Eclipses. It’s like a tunnel… what we are coming out to on the other side is at the next eclipse on the 23rd, we can say is different than the tunnel. But the tunnel feeling is there. It’s a lot like birth though, also. (Most) people don’t experience their birth consciously, but I’m sure it had a strange emotional tint to it, before it was about to happen. That’s like Eclipse season – something is gestating – the charge of the atmosphere is different.


We have this week:

March 14

Mercury in Pisces Square Saturn in Sagittarius: 12:25 PM PST

Dreamy thoughts and fantasies of ANY emotional quality that are coming through can meet two faces of Saturn:
1. An engineering, inventive, ingenious side, practical meets fantastical, dreams are brought into reality.
2. A harsh, unforgiving reality check.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Thoughts with this transit are like sweet little fish needing some tender love and care, fostering, or thoughts here are like nefarious mermaids waiting to take you down into the depths of the most severe of addictions to self-hatred. Feel me? Let your fires of discipline come down on cutting out the real bullshit & not the sweet tender nothings wanting to become somethings.


Venus in Pisces Square Mars in Sagittarius: 1:48 PM PST

Venus – Mars transits are likely to be sexy. This one is a square which means it is confrontational, and like a crossroads… if you are doing the Mars vibe, you’ll meet Venus, and vice versa. If you have an imbalance of either one of these energies, you also meet an imbalanced dance partner.



So here are some low and high vibrations of these energies:

LOW: Delusional love, romanticizing situations of being the victim, being a doormat in the name of unconditional love, lazy and unable to move with the Tao but just letting life happen around oneself, overly passive, seeing fantasies in others that are not in service (say to art)/unable to see where the imagination is separate from reality, loving a figment of the imagination, chasing ghosts.

HIGH: Spiritual love, true unconditional love, fluid and open to possibility, the alignment of one’s love life with one’s spiritual life, tantra, seeing and loving the divine within and the divine within others, finding the muse, art, creation, vibrant imagination and ability to be detached and allowing of this imagination and discerning of how to act on it.

LOW: altercations of a holier than thou nature, violence through beliefs, invading space, invading boundaries.

HIGH: active empowerment of others through wisdom/advice/counsel where it is welcome, transmuting frustration through connecting with nature, active learning, robust adventure.

OR, Venus square Mars is like this. Image from Jay Riggio:


Mercury in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn: 11:58 PM PST

Soul work implicit – in dreams, thoughts, ideas, words. Fantasy can lead to very real breakthroughs. When we are dealing with Pisces, the imagination can be just that – imagination – or it can be very true psychic information. Neptune rules over both ultimate truth and fantasy, figment, illusion. Have you ever unfocused your eyes and gone into a little bit of a trance – and had something come very clear to you? That’s like this. If you allow yourself the entertaining of ideas with this transit, it can take you to some places… the conclusions you jump to are like stepping stones along a river; the path must unfold as a fluid.

March 15

Mercury in Pisces Opposite Jupiter in Virgo: 2:42 AM PST


(Image: Julia Faber)

Showing up for the work that your dreams and fantasies are pointing you to is where the big movement and luck comes in with this transit. People underestimate how magical chores are, “chores” itself typically has a negative connotation. But UNIVERSE CHORES apply in the world of Jupiter in Virgo.

On Universe Chores: Cause and effect is not linear necessarily or clear cut – sometimes a seemingly mundane or unimportant task can unlock energy, and these tasks as they show up are called “universe chores”. Just as we may clean and arrange the house for a party, say, to allow a certain type of social experience to manifest, universe chores clear a pathway for destiny to unfold. It is the intuition or a sense of following blocked energy and its release that we find our set of universe chores.

Another way to go about this – take care of the maintenance details of your life and see what nourishing thoughts come in. Mercury in Pisces is fantasy inflected by its container – you can have an existential crisis in squalor or an existential crisis in a sleek and super clean luxury apartment. Either way it’s still a crisis – but one might transition into the next phase more glamorous and usefully.

March 16

Jupiter in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn: 1:06 AM PST

Jupiter is retrograde this time, and the two other dates of the exact trine between Jupiter and Pluto – one in the past, in Oct 2015, and the next in June 2016 – are both direct Jupiter. So this one calls for the completion of unfinished tasks. When Jupiter is in Virgo our luck and our ability to call in abundance and being in the right place at the right time – is correlated with maintaining the details of life. If you can feel gregarious about your chores, you are doing Jupiter in Virgo right. The zen to be had in upkeeping the minutia of life is abundant with this transit.

Think of anything you said you would do for someone else – a favor, a phone call, etc – and make a list and complete these unfinished items. Do not follow through with tasks you have changed your mind on – that’s not the point. The point is tying up loose ends you have hanging – anyone in your sphere who is waiting on something from you. It can be a really small thing, but you’ll notice the completion of these small things will unlock momentum, Qi, and opportunities for you.

Humility is a virtue of this transit. Remember people who do great things and are thanked for it are HUMBLED by gratitude and gifts. Check humility and false humility with this transit. It is EGO to think you don’t deserve a gift – when it’s not a legitimate concern of integrity speaking. Due diligence is one thing. But careful not to get in your own way. If something wonderful is being presented to you, consider which is more ethical: receiving or turning it away. It is going to be a matter of discernment – but your knee jerk reaction is not necessarily your friend. Pluto is an evolution planet – the story has changed. Some gifts can be received even if you need to put them away for access at a later date (in which, you wouldn’t be placed to receive them later and now is your moment).

Pluto is a karma planet and Jupiter is non-linear – when the two interact like this, gifts don’t necessarily make sense to the logical mind, but you don’t know what future-bending mystery is at play or what karmic debt is being paid up. It could be like someone giving you an umbrella on a sunny day and you wonder why, but then it rains and you’re glad you accepted the umbrella. Also, you won’t necessarily know what past-life dynamics are playing out, but it could be your payday from work done from a past life. You never know…

As usual, gifts with strings are not magically harmless with this transit. Discernment with Jupiter in Virgo. Maybe the magic is in that due diligence. Otherwise, it may be foolish to not accept gifts that come without strings.

March 17

Mercury in Pisces Conjunct Chiron in Pisces: 6:29 AM PST

Good transit for talk therapy. Not necessarily from expected sources either – but like people in passing and mystical encounters with strangers or the divine fool type (that person who is always saying crazy things but they seem to know a lot about the Universe…that same person who doesn’t really discriminate and will talk to anyone). It’s interesting, after all, how much space we give to particular people who fill that archetype to just be kooky but then they touch us… if we want to be scientific for a moment, my theory is that this type essentially does not have a filter on what information they are receiving. So sometimes it’s a little out there or we can’t understand it sure, but other times they channel just the thing that rings true for us. One wave we happened to catch of their whole, mosaic ocean.

This transit can invite in life-changing information – whatever source it comes from, a conduit is available in which information is a gateway to deeper spiritual understanding and intimacy with the Universe itself. It escapes rationality. It just is.

March 19

Sun enters Aries: 9:30 PM PST

Aries is all about beginnings, and freshness. We surrendered something of ourselves in Pisces – whether we did so intentionally or it seemed to fall away from us – like something eluding our grasp every time we went to reach for it. In Aries, ambition comes into play again. We’re at the start of a journey and anything is possible. A more conservative energy like Capricorn would assess a situation before making a decision, but Aries’ favorite way to learn is by experience. While in Capricorn, (which squares Aries naturally btw) hard lessons are felt with more sting and even contribute to vigor, give one more character – Aries vitality comes from being able to stay youthful, make mistakes, brush it off our shoulder and move on. This kind of attitude flies this time of month. See where the Sun is passing through in your chart via where you have Aries, and this is an area in your life to give some more attention and “limelight” as we would say with the Sun. Aries is not afraid of making mistakes. It’s a hot Aries move to learn and adjust though, rather than make the same mistake twice.

March 20

Venus in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: 10:45 AM PST


Pisces is already ruled by Neptune – so this contact essentially just intensifies the vibration of Neptune and Pisces interacting through Venus. Love and fantasy so naturally mix, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Having a muse, being inspired by love. The biggest danger is just disillusionment. If we are attached to the fantasy being real, we lose the point of the fantasy. To feel that inspiration and to move with it is the gift. If we allow it to pass through us and we make the most of it while it’s here, we are keeping up with the river. If we think the object of our affection was the Ultimate, then when the river moves on we are left with a ghost – a fantasy of what once was. Keep the gaze UP and THROUGH – the veil is very thin when we are in love. The divine is everywhere. Our passion opens that gate.


(Top image: Kozo Izawa)


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