The Monarch Forecast: March 14-20, 2016


We have another exact hit of the Jupiter-Pluto trine this week – the last one was on October 11. This week’s is March 16, and we’ll have another June 26 and then not again until 2024. While the Jupiter-Pluto trine is an influence varying in focus this year, the dates of its exactitude are magical for holding it in mind. We want to think about GIFTS and EXTREME ABUNDANCE with these two in harmonious contact – however; Jupiter is also squaring Saturn, and the simultaneous expansion and space clearing that is occurring feels extra dramatic and the drops feel low.

Also keep in mind we are in the Eclipse zone all week! In between Eclipses. It’s like a tunnel… what we are coming out to on the other side is at the next eclipse on the 23rd, we can say is different than the tunnel. But the tunnel feeling is there. It’s a lot like birth though, also. (Most) people don’t experience their birth consciously, but I’m sure it had a strange emotional tint to it, before it was about to happen. That’s like Eclipse season – something is gestating – the charge of the atmosphere is different.


We have this week:

March 14

Mercury in Pisces Square Saturn in Sagittarius:

Dreamy thoughts and fantasies of ANY emotional quality that are coming through can meet two faces of Saturn:
1. An engineering, inventive, ingenious side, practical meets fantastical, dreams are brought into reality.
2. A harsh, unforgiving reality check.

Thoughts with this transit are like sweet little fish needing some tender love and care, fostering, or thoughts here are like nefarious mermaids waiting to take you down into the depths of the most severe of addictions to self-hatred. Feel me? Let your fires of discipline come down on cutting out the real bullshit & not the sweet tender nothings wanting to become somethings.

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