April 11-17, 2016: Mars Retrograde Begins


This week starts out with all harmonious aspects, including a fiery harmony between Mars and Venus — before Mars stations retrograde in conjunction with the Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius (Mars is close behind Saturn, meaning it is in a culminating phase with Saturn). This creates an internal knowing of where we are still acting on old truths and beliefs that we are getting ready to let go of. The Mars station and retrograde will help us actively switch gears. But, not before we become conscious of what these old patterns are.


This week it will be helpful to stay conscious of the “why” and the philosophical precepts behind your impulses. The road will appear open or closed in ways to help you make new choices, if you will listen to your environment’s help (rather than see your environment as an obstacle).

I’ve got some road signs that you can call back to as you go on with this week, to help you stay conscious of these dynamics and to surf them, rather than be offset by them. This Mars & Saturn astrology can easily cause frustration, but it carries deep blessings, and does not need to cause discomfort. You can read my interpretations and strategies for the week, including the download on the Mars-Venus magic, in the full forecast here (2,309 words plus exact transit times).


(Images: Tran Nguyen, Jay Riggio)


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