Full Moon in Gemini: Astrology of 12/11 – 12/17

There is truly a lot of dynamic astrological transits this week. Surrounding a Full Moon in Gemini, there is a triple conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto, and Jupiter and Uranus will trine each other in earth signs. The Full Moon may shine brightest for us when we are open to interfacing with perspectives that are different from our own – we do not have to agree with them, but a deeper level of empathy may prove to be transformative or create greater harmony and understanding within our relationships. 

With Venus in Capricorn joining Saturn and Pluto who are at the end of a cycle together, also in Capricorn, there is a great potential for reconciliation in the field right now. Our heart may be tugging us to reconnect with someone from the past where there has not yet been closure, and we may be resolving these issues internally (through our bodies, through our connection to spirit) or collaboratively with the other person. The biggest peril in this dynamic would be to further a sense of separation or psychological splitting (projecting part of ourselves or our shadow onto the other person). We do not even have to like another person or what happened to find a resolution that includes forgiveness and a softening of the charge still present (that constricting feeling we have in our very bodies when we recall said-person or situation).

Comparatively, Gemini is a much more bubbly energy (as mutable air) than the earth-dominant transits in the sky right now and the quite heavy Saturn-Pluto. This may suggest that while stakes can feel high and our own rooted positions paramount, there is actually a lot of mental novelty that is wanting to ripen and open up right now for us. This can mean feeling genuine curiosity in the place of identifying with already knowing something – already having an assumption about another person or even ourselves, or being curious about how things could be different instead of assuming that events will go to a plan we believe they will. Perhaps you’ve heard before that cynicism is a friend to the status quo – this is very true! Likewise, curiosity can open new doors and create new pathways, out from the status quo and into somewhere new. We might think we like that, but sometimes we’re attached to what’s familiar and therefore more likely to stifle curiosity. Consider your willingness to let go of forms of status-quo security which aren’t actually that life-enhancing.

At deeper level of mastery, this dynamic calls to mind two sayings – throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and taking a saw to the branch we are sitting on. We may have certain values we want to conserve and are not willing to sacrifice in a deep clearing of letting go. If we can get really honest and insightful about some core values we are wishing to cultivate and honor, we may have more clarity about what we want to continue tending to, versus what we are willing to let go of.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the vibe may feel like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list here. You’ll also receive a new subscriber-only article about the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Here’s our week, after a few announcements!

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We spoke in this episode about the GRIP program, and the Saturn-Pluto dynamic in the context of that work as well as the general mood in the field right now as this transit is part of our current zeitgeist. Some Saturn-Pluto themes are transformation under pressure, transformations of self-mastery, and becoming more aware and responsible of our unconscious patterns.⁣

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Here’s our week!

December 11, 2019

Venus in 16 Capricorn conjunct Saturn in 16 Capricorn: 2:05 AM PST

(Image: Emma Hack)

  • Venus and Saturn begin a new synodic cycle together now, which is like a New Moon but with Venus and Saturn instead of the Sun and the Moon. The last Venus-Saturn cycle began February 18, 2019. Venus-Saturn cycles work to materialize and bring into form our values and relationships, but may also reveal dysfunction and endings where either we have not put in the work (and so a relationship breaks down), and/or preferences and standards are not met on the part of one or multiple parties involved and the relationship reaches a point of breakage that way.
  • In the case of constructive development (Saturn) of love, relationship, and wealth (all Venus themes), we can be called to be very proactive and to get ahead of potential problems down the road. The more skills we gain in areas like communication, conflict resolution, self-awareness, accountability, etc. the more ability we may possess to “work on” our relationships. In the realm of Venus-Saturn, love does not just come effortlessly. Chemistry and compatibility may be natural or inherent, but the day-to-day function and wellbeing of the relationship requires some intentionality.
  • Venus and Saturn can work together to create discipline around adhering to specific values and analyzing whether or not our choices match those values. A body-builder gearing up for competition recently shared with me that this training process has made her very aware of all of her choices and whether or not they support her goal – so perhaps when faced with things like dessert, alcohol, or a late night she is more reserved or likely to say no. Likewise, building a positive and resilient attitude has become increasingly relevant to her. If we’re clear about what we want, we can become discerning about whether or not we are aligning with those values or goals.
  • Let us be a little bit more mindful about cancel culture or “Marie-Kondo”-ing people (“if it doesn’t spark joy, throw it out!” – a metric for whether or not to keep physical possessions or clutter, which, when applied to keeping people in our lives or not, can be quite intense and objectifying). Often we participate in this behavior not because it is a righteous choice but because we “break-down” in the face of a relational experience we have no idea how to deal with, or we are making the choice to not expend our energy. Having an air of finality and being “done” with someone or something may be appropriate but it is a harsh cleaver to yield cavalierly. Sure, it may be appropriate in the case of a dangerous or violent person, or a person who has repeatedly crossed boundaries that we have asserted, but other situations might benefit from a little more ceremony or closure.
  • There is also the sobering reality that no one is responsible for making us feel a certain way. We can communicate and make requests, but it is no one’s job to make us feel. To the degree that we have not taken accountability for our own wellbeing and empowerment of wellbeing, we are more likely to be controlling or manipulative to “get” from others what we need, and to feel victimized and powerless in relationship. Venus-Saturn can be an incredibly powerful influence for safety in relationship – having command of oneself enough and clear enough agreements that relationship is not a dance of coercion but rather an equal and enhancing exchange.
  • As this cycle begins (and will complete February 5, 2021), you might consider what kind of work you are willing to put into what you love and value, proactively. Where are your blocks and shut-downs? This is where “the work” is.

Full Moon in 19 Gemini: 9:12 PM PST

(Image: Dorothea Tanning)

  • Sagittarius (where the Sun is) comes with the gift of being able to encompass a wide swath of information into a cohesive whole – to see “the bigger picture”. This may be a force that allows us to see everything as ultimately love (as an example, though any cosmology or even politic would apply) and to philosophically filter our experiences to that value. The downside of this capacity of Sagittarius though, is the dogmatism that can come with having one perspective or philosophy and seeing everything else as ultimately fitting within that perspective somehow or being wrong. 
  • The Full Moon in Gemini brings up a welling of other perspectives – seeing that perhaps our philosophical filters are not a one-size-fits-all, and that other people may be living in vastly different realities. The more curious that we can be about each other, the more opportunity there is for intellectual exchange (even if some info is appreciated and other info discarded).
  • Idealogical splits and divides are a more extreme example and definitely a huge theme of this Saturn-Pluto time period (read the article about Saturn-Pluto here). In a more personal and immediate sense, this could have a lot to do with general assumptions that we make about others or that others make about us, even in our most personal relationships, such as assuming another’s intentions without asking them from a place of curiosity. When we vibrate with curiosity and genuinely ARE curious, we will discover new information! Internally we may be wrestling with a heightened proneness to judge and make assumptions about other people, which can be tempered with a willingness to ask for more information.
  • Working with the Gemini polarity to Sagittarius may help us be more skillful teachers and communicators if there is an idea or a value we are working with that we would like to create conversation and impact with. When we’ve considered a variety of perspectives and include that in our communication, our statements can appear more balanced/thought-out and less bombastic.
  • Gemini is associated with the magician archetype, and the idea that we create reality with the words that we speak. Words are “spells”. Sagittarius is a storyteller – again that overarching vision that weaves the words together. When we balance these two signs, we tell stories that create the kind of magic we seek. We can have big stories about how wounded we are, how hard life has been, etc. and while there can be truth in these stories, to the degree that’s the only story we know or that we are speaking, we are continuing to perpetuate those spells. Becoming aware of our stories and re-writing them or writing new ones is a magic power that we have, and quite a discovery process as we learn new stories and how to live into chosen stories.

December 13, 2019

Mars in 15 Scorpio trine Neptune in 15 Pisces: 3:55 AM PST

(Image: Giulio Aristide Sartorio)

  • This transit can relate to erotic longing and sexual healing. Scorpio (sexuality, eroticism, as a few of its traits) already naturally makes a trine to Pisces (divine union, healing, mysticism), which points to an inherent harmony between sexuality and spirituality, however distorted our wounded this has become culturally in a variety of ways. As individuals we can have the experience of reclaiming profound parts of ourselves or having mystical visions through the portal of sexuality, and this transit certainly highlights that opportunity. This can relate to our relationship with ourselves as well as our connections or openness to connect with others.
  • Within or outside of sexual context, there may be more will or desire to get to the heart of something – to merge deeply with a process, to more intimately know and understand.

Venus in 21 Capricorn conjunct Pluto in 21 Capricorn: 7:16 AM PST

The Venus-Pluto aesthetic is a little dark – don’t mind me 🤷🏻‍♀️

(Image: Daniel Maclise, 1806-1870. “The Disenchantment of Bottom from a Midsummer Night’s Dream”)

(Image: Black Swan)
  • These are similar themes to the Venus-Saturn section above (and Saturn and Pluto are conjunct right now! Building toward an exact alignment in January), but with more highlight on the unconscious/undercurrent/compulsive threads.
  • The darker side of Venus-Pluto is compulsion and nonconsensual power games in relatedness.
  • We may be feeling extra intense around our desires, especially related to things like connection or wealth, or even status and recognition (Capricorn).
  • Alignments of Venus and Pluto can speak to the beauty or aesthetic that we find in what is primordial or instinctual, and a desire to connect with others at that layer of instinct and passion. In Capricorn, some of these impulses may feel blocked (and that much more volcanic when they find expression) or in need of a profound container or facilitation (passion and instinct comes out when the container is safe and sturdy enough for it).
  • At a depth internal level, we may be gaining more awareness of ways that we have created blocks to intimacy or blocks to being transformed by love, as well as new ways to be open to love.
  • Relationship reconciliation (Capricorn is often past-glancing when it’s not future-building) may be a strong theme at the moment with Venus aspecting Saturn and Pluto, who are at the end of a cycle together (Saturn-Pluto are completing a cycle, that is). We can be revisiting old events that happened in our relationships (whether we do so internally or with another) where we are now better resourced to address what happened and create some kind of resolution, closure, or even rebirth.

December 15, 2019

Jupiter in 2 Capricorn trine Uranus in 2 Taurus: 11:01 AM PST

  • Grounded life-upgrades abound! Sustainable lifestyle shifts, life hacks, new routines or habits, etc. are the name of the game.
  • Jupiter and Uranus come together to create quantum leaps, and here in earth signs there is a focus on pragmatism and this-worldliness. There’s room for growth, but an emphasis on sustainability. If the growth creates too much waste or clutter or collateral, it’s not really that genius. This transit relates to discoveries of how to cultivate more value in our lives in a way that is cleaner, more ethical, more generative, and so on. 
  • We may be guided toward discovering places of free energy within the body – boosts we can receive from things like breathwork or intuitive movement.
  • We may experience upgrades through saying no to things – take for example, deciding to stop eating a food that we know our body doesn’t like or digest well (and we’ve kept eating it because we like how it tastes). As we make the choice to stop eating that food, and its influence on our body phases out, we may discover greater wellbeing within ourselves.
  • We may be discovering subtle new ways of being embodied – such as more mindfulness around eye contact or posture, how we engage with physical space, how we perceive other bodies from our body consciousness, as a few examples. If we experiment or shift some of these body experiences, we may notice reality and the social field around us responding to us in different ways than ever before.
  • There can also be some impetus here to get more serious about our plans around resources and money, and to discover smarter ways of interacting with wealth that perhaps we didn’t imagine or conceive of before.
  • Some of these upgrades can happen by spontaneous download of insight. Some however, are sparked through interaction with knowledge shared by books, courses, teachers, coaches, and so on. We are part of a network, and we are social creatures. We do not evolve in isolation. We may have problems that we feel are highly unique, but chances are we are not alone and there are others who share our struggles and normalize us, as well as others who have cultivated solutions related to those struggles who have some wisdom to impart. If we self-isolate by not seeking community or mentorship/guidance, we’ll never know.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I really appreciate you being here with me as I know that if you connect to this writing we have likemindedness and that is so special. Please share this article with a friend who you think would resonate!

Please let me know what you think in the comments – truly I want to know so leave a note! I love you and you are soul family to me, thank you for finding your way to these words and resonating with them in whatever ways you have.

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Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.

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