New Moon in Aries & Venus and Mars square the nodes: Astrology of 3/30 – 4/5

This week we have a new moon in Aries, and Venus and Mars in Aquarius square the lunar nodes in Aquarius. Though not exact yet this week, the Saturn square to the nodes is active as well. I delineated this particular transit in a recent podcast episode called Scammers in the Zeitgeist: A Saturn crisis in the marketplace & Saturn square the nodes (linked or where you tune into podcasts).

So I will take this moment to mention that, if you weren’t already aware, there is a trend right now of astrologers, tarot readers, and other adjacent practitioners being impersonated on instagram. I have several impersonator accounts which have already directly solicited many people in my audience. @sabrinamonarch and @magicofthespheres are my only instagram accounts. Slight variations like @sabrinnamonarch with 2 n’s or @sabrinaamonarch with two a’s are fake accounts that are trying to scam my audience. Please be mindful to not fall for scams, and definitely be mindful not to give them your time/money. I’m asking all those present to this request to please stop messaging me about the imposter accounts (inevitably people don’t get the memo and message me anyway). The podcast episode offers some more insight about the situation at an archetypal layer.

Saturn square the nodes is a larger transit that is a defining transit of 2022. Beyond discussing this proliferation of scamming in the zeitgeist (cue Inventing Anna, Tinder Swindler, Bad Vegan, and this obnoxious instagram situation etc), I extrapolate on other themes in the episode about how Saturn square the nodes relates to a necessary integration around integrity (Saturn) when it comes to energy exchange (Taurus/Scorpio).

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

(Top image: Lady Loki by Alex Maleev)

No YouTube video this week but I’ll be back soon.

Here’s our week after a few announcements!

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Here’s our week:

March 30, 2022

Venus in 23 Aquarius square the lunar nodes (south 23 Scorpio, north 23 Taurus): 12:36 AM PDT

Planets squaring the nodes represent crises around integration – the planet squaring the nodes is somehow at flashpoint, hinged between the differing realities/poles of the nodes. This is one of my favorite things to read in natal charts, but as an event chart for the week here are some things to consider.

  • There may be a higher potential right now to notice when we are splitting off or disassociating, especially in relationships or in relationship with sensation (i.e. eating, touch). It is like there is a main event such as a conversation or a moment of intimacy, and then a side channel opens up – a place of yearning, memory, secret longing, secret feelings of not being met, distrust, etc.
  • At a historic level in terms of trauma or conditioning, secretly occupying a side channel can be more convenient or more conducive for survival. An image that comes to mind is a child caring for an alcoholic parent, and in this situation, the child not revealing the contents of their inner world or their own needs as much because the situation does not feel supportive for that.
  • Secrecy can be adaptive for certain situations. Yet where there is trust or willingness to trust, sharing information can be re-patterning, healing.
  • Where there is the desire for intimacy and connection and to be more deeply met, these moments of diverting into a side channel can be met more confrontationally and brought to the table – laid out, named, processed. 
  • Perhaps you’ve had this experience of these relational moments of revealing being quite electric – instead of choosing the disassociated route (smiling/nodding/pretending while something much different is brewing below the surface), facing the energetic or the experience with emotional courage. The emotional courage to be messy, to be seen, to be imperfect, to even risk rejection.
  • In personal experiences that don’t involve another person, this dynamic can show up in the ways that we are willing to be with ourselves as opposed to abandoning ourselves in moments that we don’t really like what we are feeling. It could be Venusian experiences that are challenging our range to stay present with ourselves, such as the emotions that come up with pleasure or the lack thereof. And yet, these can be profound places of integration as we lean in to meeting what is here.

March 31, 2022

New Moon in 11 Aries: 11:24 PM PDT

  • This lunation can bring to the fore themes of confidence, self-direction, and initiating – having the capacity to go first or put oneself out there in some way. The psychology of going first or of beginning something contains a lot of potential for insecurity (and maybe not having the courage to make the leap at all) as well as bravado/compensatory arrogance on the other end. We might consider how we relate to that spectrum, versus where we find a more middle way around confidence and willingness to take risks.
  • The New Moon is also conjunct Chiron in Aries, suggesting further themes around initiation, not just in the sense of something beginning but of a new capacity or quality within the self emerging because of a ceremonial experience. It can be a literal ceremony, or it can be an experience that has a ceremonial edge to it, because our mythic consciousness makes it so. A person falling in love could meet that experience as a ceremony.
  • Ceremony as a quality pushes our edges and puts us in contact with soul. There are often moments in ceremony where we are not sure we have it in us or that we are going to make it. Aries’ self-assured, I can do this attitude can be quite helpful in that situation!
  • So consider, are you already being called to adventure (re, the hero’s journey) – if not clearly from the outside/external, is there an inner prompting to begin, to initiate, to explore, to discover, to develop?
  • If you struggle to have ambition or a sense of direction, you don’t know what you want — sitting with this New Moon there could be an opportunity to feel into the small, tender buds below the surface. Having desire gives us direction and something to aspire to. The presence of Chiron with this lunation suggests that our wounding around being self-starting (i.e. waiting, or allowing other forces to define us instead of self-defining) could be coming up, as well as the opportunity for moving into new relationship with self-starting.
  • This New Moon will peak at a Libra Full Moon in two weeks, with the Sun and Moon squaring Pluto in Capricorn. We may notice that being ourselves and taking up space alters the ecosystem around us, and to increasingly initiate ourselves into our own beingness inspires new lessons around relationship, boundaries, and how we operate in the world. First Aries is the courage to begin. As a point of follow-through, Aries is also about knowing how to hold ourselves, adjust or stand our ground, as we navigate the dynamic interplay of relationships and of community/the world.

April 1, 2022

Sun in 12 Aries conjunct Chiron in 12 Aries: 7:56 PM PDT

See New Moon, above.

April 2, 2022

Mercury in 12 Aries conjunct Chiron in 12 Aries: 6:42 AM PDT

Mercury in 13 Aries conjunct Sun in 13 Aries: 4:11 PM PDT

(Image: Lady Loki)

  • The last few weeks, we saw Mercury in Pisces and a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which had a more diffuse, watercolor, mystical, wandering quality. Mercury and the Sun together in Aries is a more sharp, to the point, clarified energy. Certain communications at this time might be highlighting this theme of directness, candor (not necessarily packaging things or beating around the bush), and confrontation.
  • This cazimi may reveal some illuminations/insights through challenging questions – either ones that we are asked, or find ourselves asking. Coaches (very Aries energy archetypally) are some of the most artful at the challenging question. There is an underlying friendliness in the relationship, a sense of being on the same team, and the question is designed to bring the other into a deeper level of accountability and honesty with themselves, to face something.
  • While many bristle and get defensive around such questions or types of confrontation, there is also a vitality that comes through this exchange. People don’t like to be challenged inaccurately – misunderstood, called out inaccurately. People do often like being challenged intelligently. One need look no further than the stereotype of the high power executive surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who loves being talked to bluntly by someone clever and willing.

April 4, 2022

Mars in 22 Aquarius conjunct Saturn in 22 Aquarius: 6:51 PM PDT

  • This transit may energize structural group efforts – ambition in community, goals shared across a network, the desire to succeed in groups, and for many individuals within the group to uplevel together.
  • At an inner systems level, it can also be at the morale or energy/drive that we source from being in alignment with our goals at a higher strategic and organizational level. This could be like a musician who is not just making music, but promoting themselves, creating their brand, making connections, taking care of their health/body, etc – viewing their goal (such as to get their music out to an audience) as an entire multifaceted operation that is an ecosystem.
  • A transit like this can show us where we are needing to expand our resilience or bandwidth to deal with obstacles and intelligently learn and realign from failure, or to have patience in the face of goals that take time to manifest. Building something can involve a lot of unglamorous experiences, where perseverance, strategy, and the willingness to learn is needed.
  • It is useful to remember that community is often slow to integrate new influences. An artist or thinker can be “ahead of their time” and it takes a while for traction to gather. A business might exist several years before becoming sustainable/lucrative. Time itself, and devotion/diligence over time, is a gatekeeper. To accelerate this process often involves being well-connected somehow, like having friends, mentors, colleagues, etc. share their network’s resources with you. People who are well-connected may be increasingly generous with new people who have ‘proven’ in some way they are ‘doing the work’ – people who approach the situation with some offer of value or a track record.
  • With Mars and Saturn in Aquarius, we might think of the energy that we create in community or with groups of people – how we amplify one another because of our associations. This is commonly spoken of in the way of “you’re the combination of the people you most spend time with” which is a sentiment meant to encourage spending time with people that match our aspirations. We might also consider the phenomenon of a person with a goal allying with a group or institution of some kind, like when an entrepreneur gives a talk at a conference or a local group and makes connections through a community that is already established.
  • Networking and connecting with people just to further one’s aims has a much different karmic affect to it than genuinely forging connections with people and communities that we share mutually enhancing aspirations and goals with. The latter path requires a lot more contemplation around authenticity at every step of the way — as opposed to being more machiavellian about climbing to the top and THEN thinking that with that freedom, one can align with their values up there. Imagine slowing down enough to feel integral about decisions.

April 5, 2022

Venus enters Pisces: 8:18 AM PDT

Venus will stay in Pisces until May 2.

  • Venus in Pisces has a way of seeing the material world and what world is beyond it – beauty becomes sublime, transportive. Venus in Pisces expects pleasure and luxury, and often attracts it. Venus in Pisces has an intense longing nature – sometimes craving that which is beyond the current experience and is currently expressed as ‘potential’. Venus in Pisces is the experience of heart healing when time finally catches up to our longing and we realize we were worthy of having what we desired all along.
  • A principle of Venus is receptivity – a quality which allows us to magnetize, have, experience. Non-receptivity can be present when we want something, but it’s like we want something and simultaneously feel like we can’t have it or our bodies/hearts are too tensed to the possibility. Pisces has a quality of dissolution, and part of the heart healing that can occur with Venus in Pisces is the dissolving of barriers that we have to love and to receiving our hearts’ desires.
  • Rather than just expecting this dissolving of barriers to happen on its own, surrender can be an active process. Venus in Pisces may inspire us to allow the vulnerability of our longing in the first place, and then to soften actively around it.
  • Venus in Pisces can highlight the pleasure of water – actual water and its beauty or the sensation of it, as well as art, music, dance, movement, etc. that has a watery, fluid, flow quality. Similar to dissolving barriers that stand in the way of love, Venus in Pisces is like finding the lush oasis in our creative process or in our bodies after perhaps moving through a thorny thicket or a place that feels crunchy/dry. Venus is well-resourced in Pisces to open the floodgates.

Mars in 22 Aquarius square the lunar nodes (south 22 Scorpio, north 22 Taurus): 11:49 AM PDT

  • This is a somewhat similar transit to Venus squaring the nodes (see above) but instead of the qualities of Venus (relationship, beauty, harmony) seeking integration through the nodes, we have Mars (action, vitality, drive, direction, instinct) seeking integration through the nodes. Considering this-
  • Mars in Aquarius has a futuristic impulse – Mars here may want things that are ahead of the time. The integration point through the South Node in Scorpio suggests we benefit from psychological reorientation when it comes to our efforts to look forward into the future. In the genre of speculative fiction, there was a movement recently that I noticed that was calling upon people to write utopian fantasy. How often are futuristic novels/movies dystopian in nature? What does it take at an inner level to approach a vision of the future with optimism? This form of creativity asks for more from us since dystopia is low hanging fruit – might we have to dig (Scorpio) for idealism where our prospects feel dim?
  • Mars in Aquarius can speak to our capacity to feel like a free agent – that we understand systems, understand the nature of the matrix or the matrices we find ourselves in, and within that manage to attain as much freedom as possible. There can be a trickster quality here as well, in the way of being able to see beyond conventional ways of navigating said matrix & flipping expectations on their head by engaging innovative pathways.
  • This may augur it is a time for greater freedom, that contradicts some of our more embedded patterns. If there are places we have inner-resource that we fail to acknowledge, we can lean into greater freedom by reclamation. If we believe we are powerless in a situation where we are not, we can become more free by unpacking that.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term experiences in the form of the Evolutionary Astrology Intensive, higher level course METEORITE for alumni, and 1:1 mentorship (mentorship re-opening at a future time) – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to be in their power, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you in building your relationship with astrology. The intensive is currently open for enrollment and METEORITE 2022 is currently in session.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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